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Broomball Gear

2011-07-02 16:35:00

Information on where you can buy your kit

Broomball uses the same protection gear as ice hockey - elbow pads, knee pads, chest guard and helmet. You can buy these in any big sports shop in Moscow, such as the Sportmaster chain (which has a central branch on the Garden Ring at Smolenskaya) or Decathlon.
You also need wide parcel tape (or equivalent) to attach your shin pads securely, this can be bought in DIY shops, stationery shops or markets, such as the one at Kievskaya.

Shoes are very important -- nifty new footwear was a key secret ingredient when the Devils became league champions in 2010.
Unfortunately, you can't get them in Moscow, you have to get them mail order from sites like broomball.com, midswestbroomball.com or broomball-shop.com. You could also try ebay.
It wil take a while for the shoes to arrive, so don't leave the ordering until the season starts - or they may not arrive until it's nearly over! Also don't forget to factor in the cost of postage, as well as customs duties. Your best bet may be to bring back the shoes when you visit one of the countries where they are sold, eg the U.S..

Allow at least a couple of weeks to get your team shirts printed, and don't forget that everything in Moscow shuts down for holidays in the first 10 days of January. The more shirts you print the cheaper the price per shirt, so if your team has some money in the pot you should consider getting some blank shirts printed (ie with no player name, just all the team regalia), and then adding player names when needed. The price also depends on the number of colours used on the shirt. Two companies that have been used by teams in the past are Kait Sport and Liga Sport. They prefer to have any pictures (eg your logo) submitted in Corel Draw, but can use a jpeg for extra cost.


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Broomball Gear
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