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What makes a broomball team?

2014-10-31 13:56:00

What do you need to start a team?

1) Around 10-14 players on your roster. The game, like Ice Hockey is 6 vs 6, with a goalie (hockey style goals) on each side. You need at least 1-3 subs per game. We have a limit of 4 Russians per team.

2) Each player needs a full ice hockey kit. This includes knee/shin pads, elbow pads, hockey shorts and helmets, and stockings to go over the shin guards. Because we are on the ice more often, closed helmets with a face grill are mandatory. Shoulder pads are optional, as are athletic supporters and mouth guards. Jerseys can be ordered from one of several hockey jersey print shops - see links.

3) Broomball shoes. They cost around 100$ - we can help order them for you from the USA or Canada. http://www.midwestbroomball.com/Broomball-Shoes-C4.aspx
4) The sticks we make ourselves from Russian veniki or brush brooms¸" that is why it is called Broomball, the sticks look more like grass hockey sticks, than ice hockey sticks. - Again as a league we will show you how to make the sticks, it is not difficult. We play with a children's fist-sized rubber ball.

5) Team fees. Each team pays a fee of 600 Euros. This covers the ice time and other organizational expenses. - This is a completely voluntary organization, so all money stays within the league.

6) Schedule. Teams play and average of 2 games per week. (1 weekday evening, 1 morning weekend). The league's schedule of games start once we can make and maintain ice outdoors, and last until the season is finished or we lose the ice. 7) The Broomball website has a lot of basic information available, including the league rules, schedule information, league contacts, how to make a broomball stick, disclaimer forms that all players are required to fill in, and links for equipment ordering and purchase.


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What makes a broomball team?
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