2017-2018 Season

finals schedule

2010-2011 Finals Schedule

Women's finals:

Women's finals and play-offs will be played on Wednesday 23rd of February

Men's finals:

Below is a diagram showing how the results of matches will determine subsequent rounds of ultimately leading to the league final and victory! There are 5 game days in total. No rescheduling of games is permitted during the finals - victory will be given to the team that attends. Team numbers have been determined based on game results from first round entered by Tuesday 8th of Feb:

plan of men's playoffs
Links to later matches in the match schedule will be added as results are added: it is therefore vital to update the site as soon as possible after reffing a match


Game 1: Thu 10th Feb 19:20Pits Men VS Ice Piratesrefs: Atomic Frogs
Game 2: Thu 10th Feb 20:30Proud Capitalists VS Atomic Frogs refs:Pits Men

Quarter Finals:

Game 3: Tues 15th Feb 19:20Finn Lions 11-0Proud Capitalistsrefs: Devils
Game 4: Tues 15th Feb 19:20German Eagles 2 - 10Pits Menrefs: Pazhalstasticks
Game 5: Tues 15th Feb 20:30Devils 15 - 2Canadian Cougarsrefs: Finn Lions
Game 6: Tues 15th Feb 20:30Pazhalstasticks 7 - 2It Disney Matterrefs: German Eagles


Game 7: Thu 17th Feb 19:20Proud Capitalists 5 - 6Canadian Cougarsrefs: Pits Men
Game 8: Thu 17th Feb 19:20Finn Lions 5 - 2Pazhalstasticksrefs: It Disney Matter
Game 9: Thu 17th Feb 20:30Pits Men VS Devilsrefs: Proud Capitalists
Game 10: Thu 17th Feb 20:30German Eagles 5 - 8It Disney Matterrefs: Canadian Cougars


Game 11: Sat 19th Feb 10:00Ice Pirates VSAtomic FrogsCANCELLED - default victory to Atomic Frogs
Game 12: Sat 19th Feb 11:30Pazhalstasticks VSPits Menrefs: Candian Cougars
Game 13: Sat 19th Feb 13:00Canadian Cougars 0 - 1SGerman Eaglesrefs: Pazhalstasticks
Game 14: Sat 19th Feb 13:00It Disney Matter VSProud Capitalistsrefs: Pits Men

Men's Finals:

Game 15: Sat 19th Feb 14:30Finn Lions 5 - 3Devilsrefs: German Eagles

Women's Finals:

Wed 23rd Feb 19:20Finn Ladies 7 - 1Eishexenrefs: Pazhalstasticks Sticks
Tues 1st March 20:00Frozen Assets VSChicks with Sticksrefs: Eishexens