Pre-Season Party & Rules Seminar - 2nd Dec at the American Centre
We are hosting a Rules Seminar for all new players, followed by a Pre-Season Party! Everyone is welcome! Date: 2nd Dec, 7pm on. Location: American Centre at the American Embassy. Cost: 500r per person. Includes snacks and drinks. Access: To be allowed in you must sign up before Thursday midday, on the following link:
Admin (Breezy) on 2016-11-30 11:49:00
Pre Season Practice
The German Embassy has confirmed that we can practice before the Season officially kicks off. This Saturday, from 10:30am on (on ice at 11am) the ice at the German Embassy will be available. Official games will start on 10th December! Get your practice in while you can! All teams must have their dues in before the games officially start. Don't forget that you have to have a Team List in at the German Embassy for your players to enter the Embassy. All players must also have a disclaimer submitted before being able to get on the ice..
Admin (Breezy) on 2016-11-30 11:46:00
2016-2017 Season Coming up!!
Teams are now forming! If you are interested in Playing Broomball, please contact David Breese ( and he will get you in contact with a team. If you are interested in starting a team, please contact David Breese.
Admin (Breezy) on 2016-10-31 17:21:00

old/archived news

Sat 10th Dec 10:00Devils VS German Eaglesrefs:Finn Lions
Sat 10th Dec 10:00Frozen Assets VS Chicks With Sticksrefs:Finn Ladies
Sat 10th Dec 11:30Finn Lions VS It Disney Matterrefs:Canadian Cougars
Sat 10th Dec 11:30Eishexen VS Finn Ladiesrefs:Chicks With Sticks
Sat 10th Dec 13:00Atomic Frogs VS Canadian Cougarsrefs:Team America
Sat 10th Dec 14:30Pazhalstasticks VS Team Americarefs:Atomic Frogs
Tue 13th Dec 20:30Pazhalstasticks VS Devilsrefs:Finn Lions
Wed 14th Dec 19:20Team America VS German Eaglesrefs:Canadian Cougars

Atomic Frogs Team Photos

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Ice Pirates Team Photos

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match:5 vs 4
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