2017-2018 Season

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New season starting this week!
Prepare yourselves for Broomball 2018!!!
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old/archived news

Sat 20th Jan 10:00German Eagles VS It Disney Matterrefs:Canadian Cougars
Sat 20th Jan 11:30Atomic Frogs VS Canadian Cougarsrefs:It Disney Matter
Sat 20th Jan 11:30Frozen Assets VS Eishexenrefs:Chicks With Sticks
Sat 20th Jan 13:00Finn Lions VS Team Americarefs:Atomic Frogs
Tue 23rd Jan 19:20Finn Ladies VS Frozen Assetsrefs:Eishexen
Tue 23rd Jan 20:30Eishexen VS Chicks With Sticksrefs:Frozen Assets
Wed 24th Jan 19:20German Eagles VS Pazhalstasticksrefs:Canadian Cougars
Wed 24th Jan 20:30Canadian Cougars VS Team Americarefs:Pazhalstasticks

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Wed 17th Jan 20:30Canadian Cougars 1-7Finn Lions
Wed 17th Jan 20:30Team America 1-10Pazhalstasticks
Wed 17th Jan 19:20German Eagles 0-2Atomic Frogs
Tue 16th Jan 20:30Frozen Assets 1-2Chicks With Sticks
Tue 16th Jan 19:20Finn Ladies 2-2Eishexen
Sat 13th Jan 13:00Pazhalstasticks ?-?Canadian Cougarsrefs: It Disney Matter
Sat 13th Jan 11:30Finn Lions 5-8It Disney Matter
Sat 13th Jan 11:30Frozen Assets 1-1Eishexen

German Eagles Team Photos

Added by: Andreas Feldmann, Captain: German Eagles on 23rd Sep 2017

Match in Kirov

Eishexen Team Photos

Added by: Rita Feldmann, Captain: Eishexen on 8th Feb 2017

It was bloody cold

Eishexen vs Frozen Assets 👍

1st game saison 2016/2017 against Finn Ladies

Frozen Conflict Team Photos

Added by: Taylor Jenks, Supporter: Team America on 1st Feb 2017